Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter Weekend

Opening Easter Weekend.
We’re counting down the days until April 2nd – the opening weekend of the 2010 season and our brand new location. Over Easter weekend, Friday 2nd to Monday 5th April we have packed in loads for you to do, so book your sets in now.
LIQUID FORCE: We have a bigger range of brand new 2010 Liquid Force wakeboards & wakeskates for you to try. If your thinking of changing your equipment this year then we always recommend that you try before you buy. We have 4 Men & 2 Women set ups for you to try plus 2 skates.
NEW BOAT: Our jetski has been replaced by a Mastercraft prostar 190 for 2010. The new boat is perfect for all levels of wakeboarding especially beginners. I’m so looking forward to wakeskating behind it again, the wake is perfect.
ACCOMMODATION:  Stay over, you can stay in one of our bunk rooms or in our cottage.
BBQ: We’re going to have our first BBQ night of the season on Saturday 3rd April & that means we’re going to have some beer too, staying the night just became compulsory.
WIN STUFF: Win a free set and be the first ever person to ride out of our new location. Yes you heard it right, book a set over the weekend and you’ll be entered into our free prize draw for this most awesome price. Further to this first person off the dock is likely to become famous and possibly a millionaire, James Bowler will be on hand taking pictures and Ali Snowie will be making a pod cast, so if you want to be included in the first press release for 2010 book your set now!!!
EASTER EGG: Raymonds easter egg is fair game on this weekend, if you see it you can bite it. That’s the rules!!!
CONTACT: Email ride@lochlomondwakeboard.com or phone 07545 561360 to book your sets now.

Island life.

The very first Island Life took place last October 2009, when Loch Lomond Wakeboard teamed up with Alliance Wakeboard and Yamaha, camping out on a group of islands known as The Narrows. The event kicked off on Friday night, going on until Sunday evening with a few people staying on even longer at Inverbeg Holiday park.
We had 25 people showing up to help out or ride, plus another 10 friends arriving with their own wakeboard boat for a day visit, including the photographer Chris James.
Raymondo was on hand to make everyone steak BBQs as well as doing a lot of the wakeboard coaching, while Tim Woodhead, Scottish Stu and Dave Knightcoached wake and skate, and set up camp. The girls Sez, Sammi, Mia and Shona were busy wakeboarding, skating and drinking Smirnoff Ice.
The Loch looked beautiful – not a breath of wind or mist. The boat took a group out riding, the Yamaha WaveRunners took some people out for a wakeskate and the winches got fired up. For the next couple of days, we all rotated between the three activities, with the occasional pit stop for ‘refreshments’.
Everyone was loving the winch park and learning something new on the incline rail, and LLWB’s Monkey Wench was in non-stop action all weekend doing us all proud!
For more info on the 2010 trip, contactFor more info on the 2010 trip, contact ride@lochlomondwakeboard.com or call 07545561360

Monday, 29 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Loch Lomond Shores, Gateway to Scotland's First national Park


The Islands Part 2

Ceardach Island Ceardach -The smithy.               
Situated a little to the east of Bucinch and north of Inchcruin, this tiny islet is little more than a rock covered thinly with soil and with fairly deep water all around it. Nevertheless there is an easy landing place for small boats in a natural harbour leading directly on to the gentle sloping area of flat exposed rock, which is a delightful place to lie and take the sun on a summers day.
Known locally as the Tinkers Island, because the Gaelic word ceard means both the trade of smith and tinker, experts have found indications that here might have been the site of an Iron Age bloomery or furnace for smelting iron ore. Presumably it was a secure place to work, free from surprise attacks by enemies or wild animals, and supplies of fuel and ore could be transported fairly easily by water. Another more recent name is Gerbil Island, because here in the 1960s two gerbils were liberated.It is amazing how many different varieties of trees and other plants grow on this small rocky place, doubtless originating from seeds brought by birds, by wind and water and occasionally by unsuspecting humans. There is a mature if stunted oak tree, willow, holly, briar and bramble and many other shrubs and smaller plants. During prolonged periods of drought, the thin layer of soil becomes apparent, for trees and plants begin to look distressed, and sometimes the island adopts an autumnal aspect in the height of summer.Like Bucinch, Ceardach belongs to the National Trust for Scotland.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Islands Loch Lomond

Inchmurrin IslandInchmurrin - The Island Of St MirrenBy far the largest of Loch Lomonds Islands, and the largest inland island in Britain, 1.5 miles long x 3/4 mile wide Inchmurrin is truly an enchanting place of woodlands and meadows, high ridge and gentle vale.Set on a headland on the south western extremity of Inchmurrin stand the ruined walls of an ancient castle and early Christian monks are known to have constructed a chapel somewhere nearby, prior to the castle being built. This chapel was dedicated to St Mirren who must have visited or even lived here at some point.The current owners of Inchmurrin are the Scott family who have lived here for approximately seventy years. They farm here with a large herd of beef cattle and sheep, growing all their own feed on the island, as well as keeping game birds.A cluster of wooden cabins exists near the south eastern shore and is frequented by a ‘naturist’ or nudist colony.The Island is steeped in history and is reputed to have been visited by such greats as, Robert the Bruce, King James 6th of Scotland and Mary Queen of Scots.  The ruins of a 7th century monastery and the Lennox Castle can still be seen today.There is a wealth of natural beauty and history to be enjoyed on Inchmurrin, many lovely walks, quiet coves and clear water for swimming  Inchmurrin has a total of forty nine archaeological sites including the remains of a 7th century monastery and Lennox Castle, which dates back to the fourteenth century.It is also an ideal base for water sports, boating, and fishing. There are many lovely walks and safe beaches for swimming. Inchmurrin boasts the only Hotel located on the Islands of the Loch.The Island is accessible by boat and several piers are available for Hotel visitors. The Balmaha Mail boat also makes regular journeys to the island and passage can be obtained for a small fee, delivering visitors with the daily mail!. By prior arrangement the Hotel will also arrange to pick visitors up from Midross near Arden.It is hard to believe that the peace and tranquillity of Inchmurrin is within such easy reach. Just 30mins from Glasgow city centre and a 15 minute ferry crossing from the car park on the mainland brings you to this idyllic island setting. This is the real Loch Lomond that few are privileged to see, There are no cars, no hurries, no pressure to do anything but relax and enjoy the islands natural beauty, peacefulness and superb views.  

Whats on in March.

Whats On March Events 2010

1st February - 15th March
Watch out for the Scotttish Snowdrop Festival and find time to head outdoors and marvel at these beautiful little plants, set against the backdrop of some of Scotlands most captivating castles, gardens and stately homes. 
In this area
Ardardan Walled Country Garden : Cardross
Gargunnock House Gardens, Gargunnock Estate, Stirling
Linn Botanic Garden, Cove by Helensburgh

7th March
Farmers Market at Loch lomond shores

From 10:00 – 16:00

11th - 28th March 2010 (TBC)
Magners International Comedy Festival
Glasgows International Comedy Festival expands on its past success with over 150 events covering stand-up, theatre, film and special shows for children. City-wide venues from local community centres to city-centre theatres will host dozens of performers from the already established to the next big thing.